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Monday, September 13, 2010

Have I become like most people?

I no longer buy a game just for it's single player, I want to make sure it has a thriving online community as well. Is online now the future of games? Is single player eventually going to fade away into oblivion?

Let's take FPS games for example. Modern Warfare 2, the single player portion was probably 3-4 hours long if you didn't suck and didn't bother trying to get all the hidden objectives and achievements. That is not long at all, but who really bought MW2 for it's single player? Exactly, most only wanted the multiplayer/online aspect.

I'm not saying this is bad but as the internet grows more popular so too does our desire to connect and be with other people even in a virtual reality. Games such as MMORPG's are becoming more prevalent in today's gaming society. Console games are almost having to be sold with some kind of online attachment. Same with handheld games as well.

So, as it stands probably like most people I get very bored with just a games single player and just look more forward to interacting with others on the games online portion. How about you guys?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Metroid Other M

I'm not even that far into the game and I'm already meh...

I was very excited for this game as I never could get into the Prime series. While the gameplay is ok, the story was cool at first then it becomes a wtf? I really hate that Samus cannot use her powers because she has not been "authorized". Screw that!

Other than that I'm going to retry the Prime series to see if it brings back that Metroid feeling of exploring and mystery and not so much melodrama.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Next Generation Gamers

I have two kids, both girls one is 7 and the other is 14 months. My 7 year old is of course turning into a little gamer like I am and has her own DS and we have a Wii for her to play as well (I don't let her on my gaming PC or my PS3/PS2). She plays mainly girly games (like barbie horse adventures or dream salon) stuff we would have never had as kids growing up.

I like to consider myself a decent gamer as I've been playing since I could remember. Our first system was an Atari 2600 and shortly after the NES. I feel fortunate enough to see the complete evolution of the gaming genre from 8-bit to what it is today. I almost feel sad for gamers today because they will never experience what we did such as the evolution into 3D gaming (such as going from Super Mario World to Super Mario 64). That was a huge step! Or the first time seeing FMV's in games. Now it seems like kids expect that sort of thing, a lot of them feel more like interactive movies than anything. The last console games I play was the God of War Trilogy, and while those games were very fun it felt like playing a movie. Sometimes I wonder if game designers are losing their way to make their games more hollywood? Sometimes I just want to sit down and play a game and not have to watch a 30 minute intro or long exposition scenes.

So I think that brings me back to the magic of gaming I feel is lost now a days. Do all games made now have to have that "epic" feeling? Such a deep storyline that messes with your head and leaves much unsaid to make you "wonder" if this or that is true? Yes games like those can be fun but as I mentioned before what happened to just turning on a game and playing it? I turned on Battletoads for the NES the other day and skipped the story part and hit start and went straight to the action. Not knowing what the story was didn't hinder my progress at all I was having a blast kicking some toad butt!

I know these are just ramblings but when I look at games today I feel very uninterested. I love the lineup for the Wii this coming holiday but Nintendo plays more towards Nostalgia, which is nice but I want something new.

How do some of you feel?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Gaming funk

Have any of you ever been in a gaming funk? I am a big Blizzard Gamer so therefor I play a lot of WoW and recently SC2. The only time I enjoy WoW now is during raid nights and of course that's mainly enjoying playing with my friends (real life ones). When not raiding I get very bored and end up playing FPS or some Wii games.

I hate when I get in these funks that every game I play bores the crap out of me...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Game time?

It's getting to the point where my game is ready for beta testing, I have everything prepared and outlined as far as rules go and the games story and all that. I just need people in my area to help but it's hard. Maybe one day I will get back into it and put more effort into finding people and it will get published? Who knows...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Been a while!

Wow so it's been awhile since I've posted in here huh!

Here is an update to the game as recently in the past few months I have been working on it:

I feel the game itself is in a pretty good form and it's ready for some beta testing. I have some beta testers and we will probably start next month. We have nixxed quite a few features as we feel they would prolong production of the game even further and feel they may be better suited for an expansion or add-on to the game.

I will post more news of the beta testing and the stories it followed. SO stay tuned!

Monday, August 3, 2009

What is it about?

So I was going through the previous posts and I noticed I never really described the game...well here goes nothing.

You have the choice of choosing 1 of 12 races along with being 1 of 20 Unique Job Classes. Each one differs in the way your play style will be. Some will just be main damage dealers while others will have to stay in the back and cast magic or heal or brew some concotions.

You will have the freedom of deciding your fate. Whether it be saving the damsel in distress or perhaps getting into a barfight with the locals and then later killing some Zombies in a dungeon. It's up to you. The way you shape the world is in your hands.

As far as the story is up to you, the way your character grows is up to you as well. Do you wish to Tame Animals? Or perhaps raise the dead as a Necromancer? Maybe become one with nature as a Druid. Perhaps you'd like to do both raise the dead and be one with nature. You decide. Your actions and your deeds will decide who follows you.

Welcome to Espartia!